Challenging Issues : 16 November @ 6.45pm

Several of us (nineteen at the last count!) are meeting in the Breukelman Room once each month to consider how we can respond as Christians to the big issues facing our society today. How can we dare to be different within our secular society in dealing with issues which challenge the very precepts of God’s teaching which he has given us through his word in the Bible, through the traditions of the historic church and through the experience lived by our Christian brothers and sisters across the world.

At our first meeting we have discussed the general principles of living differently with our Christian precepts. At our second, we have considered matters of race and ethnicity. For our next meeting on Thursday 16 November, we will address the topical question “Is there such a thing as a Just War?” If you would like to come along either to start with a light supper at 6:45 p.m. or just for our conversation at 7:00 p.m., please Paul Boddam-Whetham me know beforehand at or 01442 891714

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