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Welcome to Song of the Moment!

This is a new feature where we share a worship song that is significant at the moment. It may be a new song, or an older song that we would like to relive with some new thinking. They are songs that particularly resonate with the author of this blog piece, and hopefully by sharing they can resonate with you also.

It will be great to explore songs new and older in this way so that we can go deeper into our worship, and help us to worship more beyond a Sunday service to our daily lives, so we grow as worshiping people in church and in life!

The song we are looking at at the moment is:

PRAISE – by Elevation Worship

We have introduced this song recently at Sunnyside as a new song, and have sung it at the 10:30 service.

What stood out to me was the message of praising and worshiping God regardless of how we feel and our circumstances. This can often be difficult – and I think it is important to recognise when we are not finding it easy! Nevertheless God is always the same, faithful and good to us and will always deserve our praise, and we can choose to let our voices declare his praise.

I like that here we sing to God, fundamentally, for who He is and his greatness, but there is also the recognition that our praise and worship can be more powerful as it can be ‘a weapon… more than a sound‘. There have been times in my life things where do not seem as if they are the greatest, but I have found that still worshipping him with my all has made a significant difference, often mostly by changing my outlook or giving me hope, and in some cases practically as I worship God situations change.

Psalm 103: “Praise the Lord, my soul, all my inmost being, praise his holy name”

This is not the first song to reflect this and similar Psalms, but I never get tired of any of them. In my worship I find it important to tell myself to praise Him, and remind myself that I am here to do so. I enjoy how it is upbeat and lively and find that helps us to make a joyful noise.

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