What a fun evening!

Friday 15th March 2024 evening saw a return to Margo’s at the Old Mill for another great Sunnyside Ladies’ Social! Fewer folks attending than the last gathering for a medley of reasons, however it was still quite noisy but full of wonderful conversations and new connections being made! As before, the food was delicious and pizza was the most popular choice (Katie enjoyed trying something different – the fresh tuna chunks were tasty but concluded pizza must have cheese on top!).

Quite a few were sad to miss the social due to poor health or existing commitments so fear not we intend to have more frequent socials! This was said after the last one, but not actioned, so you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a firm plan in place for the coming months. Please pop Friday 17th May 2024 12-3pm at the Boat Pub (Gravel Path, Berkhamsted HP4 2EF) into your diaries. An area has been reserved and folks can buy lunch or just come for a coffee or something stronger. Sandwich and main menu available: https://www.boatberkhamsted.co.uk/food/menus The Boat do a lunch offer of a free drink (from a selected range) if buy a sandwich 12-3pm on weekdays. Hopefully this time slot will allow those who don’t like to drive at night, those who have evening responsibilities, or those who don’t work Fridays to come. If you do work from home on Fridays, perhaps an external lunch break might be possible. No need to book a place in advance however great if you did want to indicate if you thought might be coming or unavailable via this link. Katie and Sarah will be there. Apologies for those unavailable to come on this occasion.

Please also pop Thursday 11th July 2024 7-10pm into your diaries (hopefully an opportunity catch the majority before the summer break) and please let Katie or Sarah know if have suggestions for a different venue.

Link: https://forms.gle/tnakbSYiRUceRhJF8

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