Sunnyside: fit for the future!

Over the summer last year, locally based consultants SVM produced a Feasibility Report for the Church. Many of you will have seen and read this, or perhaps attended the presentation given at the Church in the autumn by Paul Rushmer, Director at SVM.

The Feasibility Report addressed two key issues:

How can we reduce our carbon emissions to meet a net zero target set by the Church of England for 2030? and

How can we reduce our energy costs?

The report makes a series of recommendations, including making improvements to the fabric of the Hall (to better retain heat) and to introduce new green energy sources that replace our aging gas boilers.

In response, a Capital Works committee has been established to review and progress these recommendations.

Importantly, another exciting opportunity is emerging for the Church, as while we undertake improvement works, we can also consider how we might refresh and upgrade the buildings. This could include works to the toilets and kitchen, for example. A revitalised Hall would be more attractive to use and to let, expanding our outreach into the community.

We have now appointed Consultants to develop these ideas in some more detail. The design will be led by Nick Wood of Blackwood Architects. SVM as Services Consultants have also been reappointed along with Robert Martell as Cost Consultants.

Over the summer 2024 we should start to have some more detailed plans and proposals that we can discuss and get a firmer idea on costs. A presentation on these initial plans will be made in early July.

Although we have made good progress, there’s plenty of work ahead, money to be raised, creative ideas needed, skills to be found and used. This is a long-term project. As we have more information, we will share this with the Church and make you aware of how you can help make Sunnyside: Fit for the Future.

Simon Lewis, Chair of the Projects Action Group

30 April 2024

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