Challenging Issues

Following our conversation in March about the end of life and the euthanasia debate, we are planning to meet next on Thursday 16 May at 18.45 for 19.00 when we shall discuss the questions about beginnings of life and explore the Christian views ranging from IVF to abortion.

The subject is raising major political questions in America and has become a bipartisan forum over what should be a matter of ethics. The Supreme Court’s overturning of the Roe v Wade decision now prohibits abortion. States, however, are contesting whether to prohibit or permit abortion in their jurisdiction.

Here’s an article which may stimulate your thinking on the question whether abortion is permissible in a case of rape: What About Abortion in the Case of Rape? (

Please note that there will be a light supper of soup and cheese for those who let me know beforehand.

The evening in the Breukelman Room is a safe space to share our concerns and convictions. If you would like to come, please email Paul Boddam-Whetham and if you wish to come for a light supper at 6.45pm beforehand please email Nicci.

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