Our sermon series for Lent

Through Lent we will be reflecting on some of the things we need to include in our lives if we are to grow as followers of Jesus.

We all have a rhythm to our lives, whether we recognize it or not. There will be routines we have each day; a pattern to our week; and a shape to our year. For example, we have times when we brush our teeth; regular weekly commitments and days off; periods when we go away.  We also need a rhythm to our spiritual lives to ensure that we include those things we need to be healthy Christians. Lent is traditionally a time to reflect on our lives and see which holy habits need some work. It also feels a good time to look afresh at our lives as the rhythm of life imposed by lockdowns and Covid restrictions is changing.

6th March Rhythm of Life
Readings: Exodus 20.8-11; Mark 1.35-39
We all have a rhythm to our lives which includes things that need to be done, rest and play. Jesus had a pattern of private prayer, worshipping with others and service which can be our example.

13th March Lives of Worship
Readings: 1 Chronicles 16.23-34; Romans 12.1-2
Worship is not just about gathering with others on Sunday as we can offer all that we do as worship to God. How can we worship God more fully and only him?

20th March Talking with God
Readings: Exodus 33.11-23; James 5.13-18
At it’s heart, prayer is about spending time with God, listening and talking with him. Prayer is essential to our relationship with God and can include all aspects of our lives.

27th March Called to Serve
Readings: Deuteronomy 10.12-22; Luke 6.46-49
Serving is an essential part of following Jesus because faith is about belief and obedience. How we serve will look different for each of us and change through our lives.

3rd April Food for the Journey
Readings: Joshua 1.1-9; John 6.48-58
Just as we need a balanced diet if our bodies are to be healthy, we need to include spiritual food if we are to have the strength we need to follow Jesus. The food we need includes reading the Bible, study and Holy Communion.

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