New mini sermon series

This Sunday we are starting a new mini sermon series looking at what we can learn from Paul’s visit to Athens in Acts 17.

When Paul arrived in Athens on his second missionary journey, the city was virgin territory for the gospel; when he left there were some people following Jesus. Acts 17.16-34 explains how the change came about and can help us as we think about how we can share Jesus with others.

This was the passage which Bishop Michael looked at with the PCCs during his visit in May. A number of people have asked for us to look at this passage more widely so we hope this series will help us to do that.

Lessons from Athens: Exploring Acts 17

3rd July Places of Encounter
readings: Acts 17.16-21; Acts 10.1-12
Paul went to the places where different people gathered to speak to them about Jesus. He went to the synagogue to speak to people who believed in God, the market place to speak to those who happened to be there, and the Areopagus where people met to discuss ideas.

10th July The Good News about God
readings: Acts 17.22-28 Luke 1.67-79
Paul began sharing the good news about who God is with something his audience understood. He introduced them to who ‘the unknown god’ they worshipped was in terms that would make sense to their culture.

17th July Time to Choose
readings: Acts 17.29-end; Luke 9.18-27
Paul began by speaking to thousands of people and in the end a few people became followers of Jesus. Those who believed were people who made the choice Paul presented them with: they choose to believe in the resurrection.

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