Getting to know our parish better

We want to build stronger relationships with the people in our parish. We have begun doing this through prayer for roads, The Listening Project and our recent parish boundary walk. The next step is an exciting initiative from the Mission Action Group: our Adopt a Road scheme. This involves us choosing a road and becoming the person who regularly delivers things like our Christmas Cards there. You will also commit to regularly praying for those who live and work in that road. It may be the road you live in or walk down often or a road God puts on your heart.

How to get involved:

  1. look at the list of roads in our parish (click here) and choose a road
  2. let the church office know which road you wish to adopt
  3. start praying for that road and look out for opportunities to deliver things from church

To find out more about the Adopt a Road scheme, please speak to Peter Hyatt (chair of the Mission Action Group).

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