Net Zero/Energy Saving Presentation

The PCC has commissioned local Services Consultants SVM to undertake a Feasibility Report that addresses how as a church we might meet a target of net zero emissions by 2030 and pertinently reduce our operational energy costs.

Click on the link to read the report issued by SVM : The SVM Feasibility or Decarbonisation Report.

On Thursday 01 June at 7.00pm in the Breukelman Room, Paul Rushmer, Director of SVM will present the findings of the report and answer any questions you may have.  All are welcome to attend.  The report will then be amended and issued as a final version.

It is hoped that this study will provide clear guidance on how to achieve the objectives of saving operational costs and meeting net zero.

If you are unable to attend the meeting and have any questions please either speak to or email Simon Lewis prior to the meeting.


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    Richard Lynn says

    Two thoughts:

    1) Would the net practical effect of installing a heat pump system be to reduce the temperature in the church building? If so, what would be the impact on attendance, bearing in mind the average age of congregations?

    2) A previous church of which I was a member for many years successfully installeed not only a false ceiling but an entire first floor, moving the sanctuary upstairs and rreeing up a great deal of space below for church and community use. I’m not suggesting that Sunnyside should consider this, but might it be worth contacting that church, or others that may have carried out similar alterations, for information on practical aspects?

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