The Bulawayo Shelter and Dacorum Street Pastors

Each month we pray for two of our mission partners. During June we are praying for The Bulawayo Shelter and

The Bulawayo Shelter in Zimbabwe is a Christian charity which is managed by a committee made up from volunteers from all the churches within the city. They support a small staff led by Peter Machida, providing food and shelter for approximately 30 residents: young and old men, women and some children with others joining them for a meal during the day. The meal is simple, just their staple of sadza (mealiemeal/corn cooked into a dry porridge) and some vegetables grown in their garden by residents. As Zimbabwe continues to struggle economically, with very high inflation and unemployment, so many are destitute and have no other place to turn to for help. The Shelter ethos is based upon James 2: v14-17 

The community have asked us to pray:

  • for donations, which are difficult to find in these challenging times, to continue coming so as to keep their door open
  • for younger volunteers to support the good work of the Shelter
  • to thank the Good Lord for His blessing in keeping residents healthy and willing to look after the Shelter and help other residents themselves
  • and to thank you Lord, for the outside community, locally and internationally particularly Sunnyside Church in England, for keeping us together as a family and helping us to live lives like other people.
A cheery Ruben Sibanda watering the veggies at the Bulawayo Shelter gardens.

Dacorum Street Pastors seeks to be the visible presence of the Church on the streets in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted. Teams of 3 or 4 individuals go out on Friday and Saturday evenings/nights looking to provide a listening ear and practical care and help to all those they meet whether they are people on a night out or homeless people. It is a multi church initiative and part of an international network of street pastors.

Please pray:

  • for Kathy O Dair following her commissioning on Sunday and for Mike Wallis and Penny Harrison (members if Sunnyside who are street pastors )
  • for more people to respond to the call to train as street pastors and to become prayer partners
  • for all those that teams come into contact with – that they might have a sense of the love of God

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