Thursday 19th October | 5pm – 6pm

One of the joys of being part of the church family at Sunnyside is praying with one another. We do this in lots of different ways, including through our prayer meetings and small groups. Another opportunity to pray for people and to be prayed for is through prayer ministry at our Sunday services. It is good to have this available at our services to help people respond to what God has been saying to them through the worship or talk.

At its heart, prayer ministry is simply being with someone, listening to God as they receive from God. Although we can all pray for one another, some people feel a particular calling to do this and are members of the Prayer Ministry Team. We are having a meeting to talk about our prayer ministry and share good practice as a team. Anyone who would like to find out more about prayer ministry or be part of the team is welcome to come to the vicarage for this meeting. Please let Rebecca know if you plan to attend. Thank you.

To encourage us, Charlotte has written this about her experience of prayer ministry: 
‘We all have people in our lives whose judgment we trust, whom we discuss the important things in our lives with, and whom we tell our joys to.  God is like that for me, and I know that he delights in my time in conversation (prayer) with Him.  For me Prayer Ministry is a privilege and a joy, to offer a prayer for someone else, in absolute confidence, for a problem or a joy they may have in their lives.  God promises always to hear our prayers, but His answer is often very different to the answer we think we want, as our God knows the plans He has for each one of us.

In my experience Prayer Ministry from others has supported me so much in times of joy and of sorrow.’

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