An Evening with Terry Waite CBE

The Deanery Synod is the meeting of local Anglican churches.  They host an annual lecture their guest speaker this year is Terry Waite CBE.

Terry Waite has led a life full of remarkable experiences.  He has met and negotiated with people such as General Amin, Colonel Ghadaffi, and many radical groups around the world.  He has [...]

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Journey with us to the empty tomb

On Palm Sunday we  begin our journey through Holy Week, a journey that takes us to Calvary on Good Friday and then to the empty tomb on Easter morning. Holy Week is the one time in the year when we break the story down: we sit in the different chapters and ask what they mean. Yes [...]

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Easter at Sunnyside

We are preparing to journey with Christ towards the Cross and on to the resurrection as Easter fast approaches. Easter is the perfect time to reflect on the different stages of life and faith that we travel through as we join with Jesus throughout the different days of Holy Week. We’d really encourage you to [...]

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Smarties is Cancelled

We’re really sad to share that we’ve taken the decision to cancel Smarties on Friday afternoon. After looking at the weather forecast for the next 24 hours as well as the current road conditions in and around Sunnyside we feel that it’s best to not go ahead with Smarties. We’re so sorry and had been [...]

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Holy Habits

We have just begun Lent, a season of preparation before the celebration of Easter Sunday. Many people will have begun some sort of fasting or discipline to follow for the next forty days, whether it’s saying goodbye to chocolate and coffee or trying to practice a more generous way of life, Lent is a perfect [...]

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Community Cafe

Sunnyside’s Community Cafe this coming Saturday 17th February 10-11.30am is kindly being held at the Vicarage due to works associated with our Church roof repairs.

For those who haven’t been before, we run Community Cafe in Church from 10-11.30am on most third Saturdays of the month, on the alternate fortnight to our Messy Church. It’s a [...]

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Essentials for the Christian Journey

Like many of you, I am thinking about how I might use my holiday this year and where I might travel to. Some of the journeys will be relatively short and some will take me further afield; some will be to see people I love and some to explore new places. As part of the [...]

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School Federation

If you were at Sunnyside this morning you will have heard from Nick Heath, the chair of governors at Thomas Coram School in Berkhamsted. Nick is also the Sunnyside Church representative on the governors at the school and has been for the last few years. You may also be aware that Thomas Coram and Victoria [...]

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PCC Minutes

In case you missed the recent PCC minutes from our meeting in December you can catch up and read them here.

The PCC is the governing body of the church, so they make all sorts of key decisions in the life of Sunnyside. You can read more about how the PCC works and who is on [...]

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